Gregg Wiggin entered the professional coatings industry in 1996, most recently spending 12 years in the Richmond market specifying high-performance industrial coatings for the Sherwin Williams Company.


Gregg saw an opportunity in the market.  Warehouses and factories were focused on running their day to day business; productivity and safety lines were only one of hundreds of activities they needed to keep track of and have knowledge about.  In addition, regulatory agencies like the local Fire Marshall's office and OSHA inspected their facilities, requiring them to keep areas well marked for safety. 

Concrete and Epoxy Companies were not focused on line painting and would usually only install lines as part of a larger project. Paving and Seal-coating Companies were focused on parking lots in need of repair. Their equipment was not modified to use indoors and they rarely worked with concrete or high-performance industrial coatings.


In 2016, Gregg created Greyson Safety Floors. Greyson is a company focused on Safety Marking, inside and outside of the building.  Greyson would not be the Safety Experts, but would focus on providing solutions to Safety Experts.

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